Retro lesbian vids – “Keep It Cumming”

Name: Keep It Cumming

Country: United States

Duration: 60 min

Director: Craig Derek

Year: 1992

Language: English

Categories: Retro lesbian vids, 1992, United States, English, Craig Derek, Nikki Knights, Carol Cummings, Charisma, Bridgette Monroe, Mandi Wine, Arcie Miller, Alex Storm, Sean Michaels, Ray Victory, Frank James, Tony Montana, Lesbian, Black, Latin

Actress: Nikki Knights,Carol Cummings,Charisma,Bridgette Monroe,Mandi Wine,Arcie Miller,Alex Storm

Actors: Sean Michaels,Ray Victory,Frank James,Tony Montana


Bionca : Retro lesbian vids

Bionca : Retro lesbian vids

Name: Kittens 1

Duration: 85 min

Country: United States

Language: English

Year: 1990

Director: Bruce Seven

Categories: Retro lesbian vids, Bionca, 1990, United States, English, Bruce Seven, Bionca, Tianna, Sabrina Dawn, Heather Lere, Nikki Wilde, Lesbian

Actress: Bionca,Tianna,Sabrina Dawn,Heather Lere,Nikki Wilde


Bionca : Retro lesbian vids

Bruce Seven takes his fascination with incredibly beautiful, young, supple, innocent, nubile little girls "kittens" and runs with it. Right to the bedroom. With Heather Lere, Honey Rose, Sabrina Dawn, Bianca and Tianna. All rolling around white furry sheets, climbing into every crevice, purring at every stroke and petting. And petting. Watch Bruce Seven turn Kittens into tigers.


Retro lesbian vids : “I Oxens Tecken”

Name: I Oxens Tecken

Duration: 79 min

Year: 1974

Country: Denmark

Language: Danish

Director: Werner Hedmann

Actress: Anne Bie Warburg,Vivi Rau,Louise Frevert,Suzanne Bjerrehuus,Kate Mundt,Lisbeth Olsen,Susanne Breuning,Else Petersen,Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen,Mette Von Kohl,Lone Helmer,Ingrid Langballe,Lone Gersel,Lene Andersen,Lizzy,Anna Wiklund

Categories: Retro lesbian vids, 1974, Denmark, Danish, Werner Hedmann, Anne Bie Warburg, Vivi Rau, Louise Frevert, Suzanne Bjerrehuus, Kate Mundt, Lisbeth Olsen, Susanne Breuning, Else Petersen, Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen, Mette Von Kohl, Lone Helmer, Ingrid Langballe, Lone Gersel, Lene Andersen, Lizzy, Anna Wiklund, Ole Soltoft, Karl Stegger, Bent Warburg, William Kisum, Preben Mahrt, Ole Monty, Otto Brandenburg, Johan Thiersen, Alvin Linnemann, Facial, Interracial, Anal, Bald, Shaving, Lesbian, Masturbation, Black

Actors: Ole Soltoft,Karl Stegger,Bent Warburg,William Kisum,Preben Mahrt,Ole Monty,Otto Brandenburg,Johan Thiersen,Alvin Linnemann

An eccentric count, fond of spying on girls at the beach from his Rolls while attended by two young female servants, is overcome by the excitement of the sights he is seeing and with what his black servant is doing to him. His Will insists that if one of the women in the town doesn’t give birth to a baby within a specified period, the town will be taxed for the very first time. Another condition of the Will stipulates that his two servants should make lesbian love together. All this sets up a situation where the young females of the town wish to learn how to attract men. They get lessons in this art from Carola (Lone Helmer), hence the French title. But Carola turns out to be the one who is first to give birth.


Retro lesbian vids in “Motel Hell”

Name: Motel Hell

Country: United States

Year: 1992

Director: August West

Duration: 75 min

Language: English

Categories: Retro lesbian vids, 1992, United States, English, August West, Trixie Tyler, Lorrin Mick, Rusty Rhodes, Tara Gold, Teddi Austin, Cherry Lawson, Ron Jeremy, Jake Steed, Cal Jammer, Anal, Lesbian

Actors: Ron Jeremy,Jake Steed,Cal Jammer

Actress: Trixie Tyler,Lorrin Mick,Rusty Rhodes,Tara Gold,Teddi Austin,Cherry Lawson

Lock your doors! Hip has cooked up a nightmarish blend of screamin` and creamin`! MOTEL HELL! Check in and you`ll never check out!SEE… the lusty goings-on behind closed doors!HEAR… the primal screams ofpassionate ecstacy!SMELL… the sweet musk of sweaty bodies locked in rapture!FEEL… the odd sensation of something running down your leg!THRILL… to the frenzied slapping of sweaty loins! CHILL… to the rising goosebumps on tender young flesh! DRILL… the huge bazoomed redhead in 13A!Eeek, it`s a no-holes barred horrific jizz-fest!


Vera Thomson nude : “Der Patient”

Name: Der Patient

Language: German

Duration: 86 min

Director: Gustav Gum

Country: Germany

Year: 1993

Actors: Sven Schroder,Jens Molller

Actress: Tina Wilde,Vera Thomson,Sabine Schwartz

Categories: Vera Thomson nude, 1993, Germany, German, Gustav Gum, Tina Wilde, Vera Thomson, Sabine Schwartz, Sven Schroder, Jens Molller